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Entry Permit for Foreigners

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  • Laws/Regulations
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Regulations on the Operation of Foreign Investors or Representatives of Foreign Corporations Applying for Residence Visa
Residence Visa.docx
Residence Visa.pdf
Guidelines Governing the Application of Foreign Students to the ROC in the Capacity of Interns in Enterprises and Organizations
Foreign special professionals with specialized knowledge/skills in economic fields
Amended on April 28, 2023
Foreign special professionals with specialized knowledgeskills in economic fields.odt
Regulations Governing Visiting, Residence and Permanent Residence of Aliens
Please refer to 'http://law.moj.gov.tw/' .
Statute Governing Issuance of ROC Visas in Foreign Passports
Please refer to 'Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C.' .
Operational Regulations Governing Speedy Immigration Inspection
Speedy Immigration Inspection.pdf

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